Pearl in the shell.

these days o Lord how happy I am to have myself to find myself to make it my way watering the earth of my roots sitting in the shade finally resting as a tree in the yard absorbing only necessary no garbage here no rush I think o Lord I turned into seconds and that... Continue Reading →



Some warmer Sun will rise that day. You'll see the light coming in a special way. Like a mystery finally revealed. You will simple be. You won't need that boring crowd. You won't even hear a sound. With this Sun everything will fade. You will exist and live that day. And you'll be alone, but... Continue Reading →

Forever child.

Happy ones, sad ones, alive and dead ones. Where have we sowed our smiles, where have we kissed or cried, where have we left our footsteps, traces and breathes... On this crazy world that just spins around... Where have our bodies danced and hand caressed. Now it's floating far away some naive part of mine. Where... Continue Reading →

You are the flow.

Hello there. It's just me. And The Smiths. & one lazy summer afternoon. Simple as that... So here we are. Living just like you. Hoping. Loving. Smiling or crying. Waiting for the Sun. Someone's eyes. Somewhere. Somehow. & let's say that someday you see me without my explanations. Like you see trees or bees or... Continue Reading →

In honor of fragility.

Is it in the afternoon? Or it's in the morning baby? Is it going to be tonight? Or tomorrow maybe? Asking me - what? That sweet and untiring melancholy, my dear. That warm wind that comes in a waves of summer. Honey...  you can hear children playing in the yard. Our missing parts are resting in... Continue Reading →

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